The High School Work of College Readiness

The study, called “Mind the Gaps,” reminds us that far more high school students say they plan to attend college than the number of students who actually enroll. Cynthia Schmeiser, the president of the ACT’s education division, told a gathering here in Washington, D.C., today that the students who fall off the college pathway typically do so because they “have simply not had the same level of preparation for postsecondary [education] as other students.”

But “when kids are prepared for college,” Schmeiser said, “college achievement gaps narrow in remarkable ways.”

The ACT’s research already had found that key high school factors correlate with a better chance of college success, such as producing certain scores on its ACT college entrance exam, taking a strong core curriculum, and taking additional coursework in math and science. Doing those things makes it more likely that a student will enroll in college, hang around for a second year of college, get good grades and be able to skip remedial classes. …

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