Chancellor’s Office Releases the 2011 ARCC Report

The Chancellor’s Office has released the final 2011 ARCC Report (aka Focus on Results).  ARCC stands for “Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges.”  Officials at the colleges and districts may share this report with their local media and press.  The goal of local accountability, in fact, encourages local discussions about, and community interaction with, the 2011 ARCC Report. 

Chancellor Scott’s cover letter and the official report are available on the Chancellor’s Office’s ARCC website (note that the full report may require a few minutes to download) or by clicking the embedded links.

To help you further understand how to analyze your peer grouping results, they have also posted a helpful handout . A related document on the website is a one-page explanation of peer-grouping .

For more information visit the ARCC website which contains prior ARCC reports, background information, and presentations, etc. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail .

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