Where is Education in the California Budget?

Anthony Cody from Education Week recently spoke with the Department of Education after President Obama acknowledged the excessive emphasis on standardized tests. This led him to ask more questions about not just the funding involved in the development of new tests, but alsoabout the cost to administer, score or prepare for these new standardized tests.

From Joe Lucido:

The state education budget gives the costs over the last three years which is helpful and really informing, although I am just giving you the upcoming year’s numbers; (note: the numbers in the document are in “thousands”, so you add three zeroes to the end of the number, which makes it actually millions.) Following this is a piece written by state policy consultant Jo Ann Rupert Behm; it breaks the CAHSEE costs down even more. The PDF of the Education Dept. budget can be downloaded here.

Now, you can use your “find” or “search” option on your computer to find each of these sections of within the budget:

6110-113-0001 STAR testing $74,485,000

6110-204-0001 CAHSEE Instructional support (test prep!!) $58,314,000

204 Budget Act Appropriation $72,752,000 —-(the actual CAHSEE test; notice how they made cuts in that the two previous years, but none for the upcoming)

The total using these figures would then be $205,551,000 PER YEAR, FOLKS!!! And that’s just what’s printed in the budget; there are hidden costs in the CAHSEE that Jo Ann talks about below. We need to be mailing our representatives THIS information to help them make cuts.

I believe anyone should be able to do this with any state’s budget. Just go to that state’s overall budget and find the “education” budget. Start going line by line—you’ll find it.

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