EMSI Newsletter Shows Trends in Job Supply and Demand

EMSI‘s Desktop Economist recently came out and there are a number of articles that could be of interest to Instructional Staff at Community Colleges.

First is Hot or Cold? The State of Jobs in America’s Largest Cities. This article uses 2011 data to show job growth in the 100 most populous metro areas. Those 100 most populous metro areas are grouped into one of four categories: hot (those cities showing positive job growth); heating up (those cities that struggled but continue to show positive growth); cooling down (those cities that originally showed job growth but have lost jobs during the last year); cold (cities which continue to show negative job loss). Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to read the complete article.

Once you get a picture of where the jobs are (positive job growth) the next thing you’ll want to ask is How Well Supplied Are the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Jobs? After reviewing that article, you may find yourself wondering which occupations you do not want to train for due to a repressed job market. Afterall, it doesn’t bode well to train individuals for occupations and then have them graduate only to find themselves unemployed. You will want to know the Top 10 Occupations in Trouble.

There are other articles in the newsletter so be sure to check out the Desktop Economist. If you have more specific questions for your area, be sure to contact your respective Institutional Research Departments.

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