The Long Path to a 4-Year Degree

Bachelor’s degree recipients in 2007-08 who started at a community college took almost 20 percent longer to complete degrees than those who started at a four-year institution, according to a federal report, (pdf).

The median completion time for community college transfers was 63 months compared to 52 months for students who started at public four-year universities, 45 for private nonprofit four-years, and 57 for four-year for-profit colleges, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Forty-four percent of all degree earners in 2007-8 earned their diplomas in 48 months or fewer, nearly a quarter finished in five years, 9.3 percent required a sixth year, 12 percent took seven or eight years, and 11.5 percent took more than eight years to finish their degrees.

Students who delayed college entry took much longer, with a median of 80 months to completion.

Via Community College Spotlight.

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