For Some Community College Classes, You Get Only One Shot

In an ongoing effort to tighten their financial belts, California Community College officials continue to limit the number of times students can take courses.

On Monday, the Board of Governors voted to approve a new set of rules that will prevent students from repeating “activity” courses, such as dance, art or music. The rule will go into effect in fall 2013.

Already, students will no longer be able to repeat academic classes indefinitely, like they used to. They will only be able to take required courses, such as English 1A, three times. Most importantly, dropping the course midway to receive a “W” rather than a bad grade — something students do to prevent their grade point average from dropping — will now be counted as a “repeat.”

“If we had to enforce it in the current list, I’d say a good 15 percent of our students would be affected,” said Mary Dominguez, vice president of student services at Hartnell College in Salinas. “This is a new ball game for everybody. It’s a huge regulation.”

Currently, students are allowed to take activity courses up to four times. The new rules will allow no repeats, unless classes are needed for a certificate, a degree or to transfer to a four-year university.

Community colleges will have the option to create a “community service class” that would be supported by fees.

Carsbia Anderson, vice president of student services at Monterey Peninsula College, said officials are not contemplating starting fee-based courses, but are thinking about developing curriculum that would address different levels of achievement in activity classes. (Read more.)

Via Claudia Melendez Salinas, Monterey County Herald.

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