State Governing Board Over Community Colleges Rethinks Enrollment Methods

The way students register for classes at California community colleges is being examined for potential changes by a statewide governing board.

Jasmin Kissinger, 21, sat waiting for an appointment in the counseling office at Sierra College in Rocklin Tuesday. The Grass Valley native is taking classes at Sierra to work her way up to a master’s in speech therapy.

Now that Kissinger has some classes under her belt, registering every semester has gotten easier, but it hasn’t always been that way. Priority is currently given to students with more units under their belt than freshmen and some underclassmen.

“It was really difficult getting into classes at first because I was low priority and things filled up really quickly,” Kissinger said.

That might change if the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges decides to approve changes to the rules it is considering regarding when certain students can and can’t register for classes. The idea to change the way community colleges approach enrollment priority is one of many suggestions made by the Student Success Taskforce last January.

The community college panel met Tuesday to hear the first reading of the proposed rule change, opening a comment period on the proposed changes that lasts until Aug. 17. The panel will hear a second reading of the rule and potentially vote on it at its meeting in September.

According to a summary of the proposed rule change, students who already get top priority when it comes to registering for classes will not be affected if the changes pass. Students who are in the military, are veterans, or foster youth or former foster youth fall under this priority and will still get to register first. (Read more.)

Via Amber Marra, Journal Staff Writer, Auburn, California.

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