“That Used to Be Us”

Recently, Chancellor Serrano’s Cabinet members viewed a video of Thomas Freidman speaking about employing innovation to reinvigorate us to work collectively for the common good. His points about innovation are especially relevant to education because it is the foundation for economic recovery. Following is the link to Friedman discussing his book entitled That Used to Be Us:


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Calculating High School Graduation Rates and Trends

During the most recent strategic planning meeting for the Southern and Eastern Sierra CTE Collaborative, measurement of the strategic goals was brought up. You may recall that the first strategic goal of the Collaborative is to “increase the number of high school graduates in the region.” In determining how to measure this goal, the first item of discussion is baseline data. In other words we need to know where we currently are in terms of graduation rates before we can begin viewing trend data to see progress. Because the Collaborative covers such a large region, another concern is uniform data. Once it is determined how to measure graduation rates, it is important to use that same measure across the entire region.  The attached Research Brief is a discussion of calculating high school graduation rates and trends for the Collaborative. It is designed to show collaborative members which data are used and why. Take a moment to view the Brief and then if you need more information or want to request more specific data for your particular school, feel free to send your request to vvanry@kccd.edu.

To view in WORD: Calculating Graduation Rates and Trends.

To view pdf: Calculating Graduation Rates and Trends.

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