Some Community Colleges Are Prioritizing Enrollment

Community colleges have long stressed the open-door concept, but budgetary pressures—along with the need to better manage enrollment growth and ensure students are on a path to completion—have forced some colleges to put limits on access.

California is expected to set a statewide policy on enrollment priorities for the first time for all community colleges, which would reward students who make progress.

The new rules, to be submitted to theCalifornia Community Colleges Board of Governors in September, are based onrecommendations by the California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force. If approved, the new rules would take effect in fall 2014.

“This would be a big change for the system,” said Paul Feist, vice chancellor of the California Community Colleges system.

Rewarding Success

The enrollment priorities would “encourage successful student behavior” by giving priority to:

  • continuing students in good standing who are making progress toward a certificate, degree, transfer or career advancement objective
  • first-time students who participate in orientation and assessment and develop an informed education plan
  • students who begin addressing any basic skills deficiencies in their first year

Students would lose enrollment priority if they fail to follow their education plan, are placed on academic probation for two consecutive terms, fail to declare a program of study by the end of their third term or accrue 100 units (not including basic skills and English as a second language courses). <Read more.>

Via Ellie Ashford, Community College Times.

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