California Legislature Approves a Bill to Help Community-College Students Succeed

As California’s crowded community colleges struggle to serve some 2.4 million students amiddevastating budget cuts, the State Legislature on Thursday approved a bill designed to help students stay on track toward completing a degree or transfer certificate, the Los Angeles Times reported.

If signed into law, the bill, known as the Student Success Act of 2012 (SB 1456), would put in place a number of policy reforms affecting students and campuses. Among other things, campuses would provide more orientation and counseling services, and students would be required to identify their educational goals.

Jack Scott, departing chancellor of the 112-campus community-college system, said the policy changes in the bill would “put more students on the path to completing their educational goals” and make the state more competitive economically.

Mr. Scott, a former legislator who is retiring as chancellor on September 1, will soon be stepping back into a classroom himself. Claremont Graduate University announced on Thursday that Mr. Scott would serve as a scholar in residence at its School of Educational Studies in the new academic year, working with students, giving public lectures, and helping launch a certificate program for community-college professionals.

Via Charles Huckabee, The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

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