Women and Minority Presidents of Community Colleges Outearn Their Peers

Community-college presidents earned a median base salary of $167,000 in 2012, according to a study being released on Tuesday. Bucking trends in the pay of top officials in most other professions, women, on average, earned higher base salaries than did men at the helms of two-year institutions, the study found, and Hispanic and black presidents earned more than their white counterparts.

A report on the study, “Compensation and Benefits of Community College CEOs: 2012″—conducted by the American Association of Community Colleges—says community-college presidents’ base salaries have risen 4.1 to 6.2 percent, depending on the type of institution, over the last six years. The median total compensation, which includes base salary plus other pay for fulfilling presidential duties, was $177,462.

The most recent Chronicle analysis of pay for four-year public-college presidents found that their median total compensation was $421,395 in 2010-11. For four-year private-college presidents, the median total compensation was $385,909 for 2009, according to the latest Chronicle analysis.

The association used a survey to question the leaders of community colleges about their compensation and benefits, along with other aspects of their jobs, such as tenure. The online survey, which was conducted over four weeks last spring, had a response rate of 39 percent, with a total of 370 presidents returning the survey. It did not include chief executives of multicollege districts.

A number of factors influenced the level of compensation of community-college leaders, the study found, including the institution’s location, its enrollment, and its type, such as whether it is a single-campus college or a college in a multicampus district.

Hispanic presidents reported the highest median base salary of any ethnic group, at $201,553, the study found. Black presidents had a median base salary of $190,000, and white presidents had a median base salary of $167,200. (Read more.)

Via Jenny Rogers, The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

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