Associate degrees have best ROI

Online Degrees’ has launched its degree value calculator with advice on which degrees provide a good return on investment. All the best ROI degrees are associate degrees from community colleges.

* the degrees are screamingly cheap ($5,000 or so on average)

* associate’s degrees offer immediate, huge benefits over a high school education

* credit sometimes transfers to 4 year institutions

Academically prepared students who can afford the opportunity cost of not working for four years probably should get a bachelor’s degree in a decent-paying field, the article advises.

Given how cheap degrees and loans are, there is no reason to forgo the difference in wages between a BA in Computer Engineering ($100,000 or more) and an AA in Physical Therapy ($33,000) just to save on the cost of the degree.

But don’t borrow $97,000 for a degree in gender and religious studies and expect to make enough to pay back student loans and have money left over for two or three meals a day.

Here’s more on the best-paying careers with an associate degree,  a bachelor’s degree and up.

Via Joanne Jacobs, Community College Spotlight.

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