The Southern and Eastern Sierra CTE Collaborative was created to administer the Tech Prep grant and SB70 grants that were awarded to the region, and to further develop career and educational opportunities.

The Vision Statement is:

The Southern and Eastern Sierra CTE Collaborative work together so effectively
that every student in our region have a successful career.

The Mission Statement is

The Southern and Eastern CTE Collaborative will facilitate programs and practices
that will help students transition from high school through college and into careers.

Goals of the Collaborative are:

  • Increase the number of high school graduates in our region.
  • Increase the number of students entering community colleges in the region who are prepared to do college level work.
  • Increase the number of students who complete programs of study and earn degrees or industry recognized credentials

These goals will be accomplished by using the following strategies or proven tactical steps:

  • In middle school, an active program of career exploration and interest assessment will be part of the curriculum. The Collaborative will facilitate these programs and activities for both students and parents by providing professional development to faculty and counselors as well as providing resources and materials. The goal is that each student entering high school will have identified a career goal from the 60 CTE pathways. This foundational step is vital to the success of the plan.
  • High school freshmen and their parents will be given a Program of Study that clearly shows the coursework needed, through community college, to achieve the student’s career goal. High school and college faculty will align curriculum to industry standards.
  • Testing to determine college readiness will be conducted for high school sophomores and juniors. The assessment instruments (such as COMPASS Plan or Accuplacer Diagnostic) will identify specific areas where remediation is needed.
  • Summer and Saturday “Boot Camps” will be offered that target individual student’s needs as identified through diagnostic testing. Boot camps will provide short, topic directed, creative camp centers, as well as on-line and distance learning techniques, all regional high school students will be offered help.
  • Every high school student, as part of their Program of Study, will have the opportunity to earn credit at regional community colleges through the CATEMA articulation process that awards credits as they are earned. Selected college and high school CTE classes and final exams will be aligned with national, industry recognized standards, skills and competencies. Students earning a final grade of B or better (and a C or better on the college-approved final exam) in the aligned high school course will automatically receive college credit. In addition students will be given the opportunity to earn college credits through a Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment program. Our goal in this area is that 50 percent of the graduating seniors from regional high school will have earned at least nine college credits by 2016.

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