Using Technology to Assist with Student Retention

The “non-traditional” student has become the norm: It is more common for students to be working, commuting, and potentially having a family to care for while completing their education than 20 or even five years ago. Coupled with the increased use of graduation rates as a key metric for funding and ranking, retention success is even more critical for community colleges.

But how can one person or department effectively identify all of the reasons students are leaving campus? It’s not possible.

Retention is truly a whole-campus issue, and as such needs to be addressed holistically, to see significant results. A successful retention program requires a variety of methods to identify, report and address at-risk students. A centralized management tool allows administrators to:

  • Systematically solicit faculty and staff input to identify at-risk students.
  • Automatically generate early-alert information based on statistical data.
  • Build communication channels that foster student dialogue on their terms.
  • Manage and monitor all information from one central system. (Read more.)

Via Andrew Dryden, Community College Times.

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