Career Readiness Certificate Lands Jobs

In July, Kimberly Jackson signed a three-year contract with St. Joseph Medical Center to complete her medical residency. Less than a year ago, as she was completing her degree, Jackson found herself in dire straits. She was expecting to work as an administrative assistant at the hospital but cutbacks eliminated the job she was supposed to fill, leaving her unemployed and ineligible for unemployment compensation.

She needed a good-paying job in a hurry and the National Career Readiness Certificate provided the means to land just such a job within weeks.

Jackson visited her local One-Stop and learned about the National Career Readiness Certificate, which is issued by ACT, the same organization that administers the ACT college admissions test. The Career Readiness Certificate is an evidence-based credential that measures essential skills used in the workplace using WorkKeys assessments.

Jackson practiced the modules online, took the test and was awarded a gold certificate. There are four levels of certification — bronze, silver, gold and platinum. They are awarded based on applicants’ scores in each of three core skills: applied mathematics, locating information and reading for information.

For a bronze certificate, applicants must score at least a level three in each of these core skills. Achieving the proficiency required for a bronze certificate ensures applicants are qualified for 16% of the jobs in ACT’s occupational database. Read more.

Via Maraline Kubik, Business Journal Daily.

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